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Meet the team that keeps the business running.

Jeremy (the bald one) is of an age that he gets regular MOTs from the Doctors every couple of years and takes the role of lead trainer as well as managing the finances and, with Fiona & Freddie, plans the strategy and growth of the business. He’s had a range of jobs as diverse as a lorry driver, multi-drop delivery driver, travel agent, Sales Manager for a holiday firm, IT consultant, bouncy castle operator, paintball site operator, mini-cab driver, publican and is a fully qualified teacher although has no intention of going into a school classroom which requires far more courage than he’s got.

Aside from teaching First Aid, he’s had extensive experience as an Event First Aider attending numerous events as diverse as Rugby Festivals to Village fetes and brings his practical knowledge to the classroom. Passionate about First Aid and its importance, he is of the firm belief that it should be taught in schools from a very early age.

Away from work, he is an avid reader with a broad range of tastes and is very much into airshows and loves aircraft, especially from the Second World War period. He has been known to get quite huffy when people muddle up a Spitfire & a Hurricane.

Fiona (the Boss) keeps the team on the straight and narrow and is the ideas department of the business. Like Jeremy, she’s had a varied career working as a Nurse, Medical Supplies buyer, Occupational Health nurse, childminder, a receptionist at an Osteopaths, First Aid Trainer, Event First Aider and, the most important job of all, raising their 4 children.

She used to run the office and managed the bookings for their paintball site and bouncy castle operation and was heavily involved in designing the bespoke castles they had. Fiona also ran her own cleaning business for a number of years.

As the training business has grown, she has taken on the role of managing our social media presence and carries out the internal quality assurance role, making sure that our trainers deliver the courses to the required standard. She is very much the idea generator that keeps us driving forward. She tolerates Jeremy’s love of an airshow but is the first one to hear the sound of a Merlin engine!

Freddie (that’s a female Freddie) joined us in February 2017 and was the Office Manager for the business.  She left us at the end of 2023 and will be very much missed and we wish her every success in her new role as the Operations Manager for an environmental monitoring company.









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