Thank you. Very efficient from start to finish. I will definitely be using you again next year when the next group are due the training.

Just brilliant, our teacher Jeremy got across all the information in a friendly and non stressful way, relaxing those in the class to join in with answers and questions and a few laughs. I would highly recommend having a first aid course, it is not until an accident happens close to you that you are likely to feel useless and think l could have helped, please just do it, for the sake of your loved ones, I was shocked that so many young people as well as older are having heart attacks. Please book now, don’t wait!

Awesome. Had fun and learnt a lot so win win!

Jeremy is very friendly and engaging.  He gets the course information across very well in an easy to understand manner.

Thank you for such a detailed and thorough day. I feel a lot more confident about knowing what to do in an emergency situation.

Enjoyed the course today. It’s amazing how much you forget if you’re not doing First Aid all the time. The instructor was pleasant and kind.

Great training, professionally delivered. Not boring at all and really useful. I appreciated the trainer acknowledging the warm conditions and adapting break times. He made it a great environment to learn in.

Really impressed.  Thanks! Jeremy is a lovely guy with great knowledge.

Hi Jeremy,

Hope you are well, I just thought I would share a recent experience I had and let you know your great training helped me save a life.

My elderly neighbour knocked my front door screaming for help, saying her husband had stopped breathing whilst sitting in his arm chair.

I jumped into action and surprised myself with quick reactions, listening to the paramedic on the phone and remembering your training, I lifted him onto the floor and proceeded to pump his chest, then after a few minutes he raised his arm and gasped for air. The ambulance then arrived and he was taken to hospital.  Hours later the ambulance crew came back to see me, and to let me know he would have died had I not acted the way I did, and I should be proud.

Thanks for your great training, training I thought I had forgotten, but turns out when put in that situation you can surprise yourself.

All the best.

A huge thank you to Jeremy for presenting such a difficult and full on subject in such an interesting and engaging way.
I had my new first aid skills put to the test today (I thought it was a set up at first!) with a gentleman who was having a asthma attack. I put my new knowledge to practise and was able to support the chap, who was very grateful.
Thanks again for all that you and your colleagues do.

Great content and teaching methods. Thank you

Very informative and enjoyable course. Trainer was able to answer all questions fully with practical ideas and solutions.

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