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Epi-pen shortage

Epi-pen have advised that the temporary supply shortage that they were experiencing has now been resolved and all dosages of Epi-pen are now fully available on prescription so previous advice that some batches of Epi-pen can be used beyond their use-by date has now been rescinded. As always, in all cases of suspected Anaphylactic Shock […]

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False Posts in Facebook

There are two very dangerous posts doing the rounds in Facebook and other social media; one is about a 4th sign of stroke and the other about how to stop a heart attack in yourself. They are complete and utter rubbish. Please do not blindly share, re-post, tweet or in any way keep them going […]

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Following the recent inquest in to the untimely death of a 21 year old student from Meningitis, it seems appropriate to to provide some information about this nasty illness which it is very easy to misdiagnose even by medical professionals. What is not commonly known by most people is the fact that meningitis normally starts […]

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