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You never know when you may need your First Aid skills

We recently received this email from a client about an experience one of their staff members had had whilst out shopping. Out of respect for the people involved we have edited this account. ‘I was out shopping in a local supermarket when a gentleman collapsed right beside me and he banged his head very hard; […]

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There is a story that keeps popping up on Facebook about a new way of spotting a stroke in addition to FAST, and it is a complete and utter falsehood; the process described does not work so if you do see this in your feed please, please, please don’t ‘like & share’ as it just […]

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Following the recent inquest in to the untimely death of a 21 year old student from Meningitis, it seems appropriate to to provide some information about this nasty illness which it is very easy to misdiagnose even by medical professionals. What is not commonly known by most people is the fact that meningitis normally starts […]

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