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With the ever increasing cost of fuel and other running costs, this course takes a look at how driver behaviour can make significant differences to the overall operating costs of both LGV and PCV businesses. Whether an owner/operator, a small, medium or large fleet owner, our Efficient Driving course will help show how simple differences in driver behaviour can result in significant savings.

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Course Information


CPC courses require 7 hours of contact time (plus breaks) and is ideally taught in 1-day. It is possible to split this into 2, half-day or evening sessions on consecutive days which must both be completed before the hours can be uploaded to DVSA for CPC credit.

It is an offence punishable by a fine of £1,000.00 each for both the Driver and Operator if a valid CPC card is not held


As with all CPC course there is no formal assessment but candidates must be present throughout the course


Upon completion of the course and once payment has been received a certificate of attendance will be emailed to the candidate and the hours uploaded to the DVSA website.

Candidates are encouraged to check their CPC status regularly by going to the DVSA website at

DQC Cards are automatically issued by DVSA when all 35 hours of periodic training have been completed and there is less than a month before the current Driver’s Qualification Card (DQC) expires. These are issued without charge and posted direct to the address of record.

If your DQC has expired then you may drive without having a card on you but only once all your hours have been uploaded. Although it is an offence not to have your DQC with you the Police and DVSA inspectors will, normally, not penalise you if they can see you have completed yours hours recently.

DVSA advise that the card should be received within 2 weeks of being issued


In a classroom-based setting and where space permits, we can teach a maximum of 24 candidates per course.

Zoom based courses are currently limited to a maximum of 12 candidates.

Costs (all plus VAT)

At your premises National London Postcode
6 delegates £495.00 £580.00
12 delegates £560.00 £645.00
20 delegates £760.00 £845.00

A space on an open course in either Hastings or Maidstone costs £105.00 per person

Please note that transport charges for off-shore courses will be charged at cost.

Course content

  • Differentiation between fixed & variable costs
  • Cost of vehicle operation
  • Exploration of staff and fuel costs
  • Driver behaviour and the impact on costs
  • Fleet management systems
  • OCRS: Operator Compliance Risk System
  • Walkaround checks
  • Satellite Navigation risks
  • Pollution Control Charges
  • Different types of braking systems
  • Safe loading
  • Tyre safety and risks
  • The future of driving

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