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There is a story that keeps popping up on Facebook about a new way of spotting a stroke in addition to FAST, and it is a complete and utter falsehood; the process described does not work so if you do see this in your feed please, please, please don’t ‘like & share’ as it just perpetuates this myth.
As a reminder FAST stands for:

Face: Does the face droop on one side, especially around the mouth or eye. Can the patient smile and does the face lift equally on both sides?

Arms: Can the patient lift both arms horizontally and keep them there? If you lift the arms up for them does one arm drift down or drop?
Speech; Can the patient talk; is their speech slurred, can they answer simple question such as their name, address or date-of-birth?
Time: Time to call 999 or 112 and get urgent medical help.
For more information about stroke then please go to the Stroke Association’s website
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