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GoodSAM is used by many of the UK’s Emergency Services and is backed by the NHS, Royal Life Saving Society, Resuscitation Council UK and many others.

At its most simple, if you make an emergency call, whether to the Police, Fire or Ambulance Service the operator can send you a text message. When you tap the message, it will activate a one-way video link through your camera whilst you stay on the phone and the operator can then see exactly what the situation is and allow them to assess the scene, and thus determine the best response.

It is not just mobile phones that can be linked to. GoodSAM can connect to devices such as bodycams, drones, Go-Pros & CCTV cameras allowing for instant, real-time views of the emergency – no need to download an app

In these pressured times, GoodSam has made a huge difference. Research conducted with the North West Ambulance Service found that:

  • In 93% of calls, an outcome was reached more quickly with GoodSAM video.
  • 17% of calls were upgraded.
  • 24% of calls were downgraded.
  • 96% of dispatchers said it increased their confidence in clinical decision making.
  • In 62% of cases, it prevented the onward need for a face-to-face consultation.
  • And >97% found the GoodSAM system easy to use.
  • On average call times were reduced from 15 minutes to 6 minutes.

More details about GoodSam can be found by going to their website by clicking here.

There is also a GoodSam app available which broadens its scope and I’ll be covering this next week

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