First Aid Myths

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Myth 1 – If you think you’re having a Heart Attack and you’re by yourself then you should cough hard to bump your heart back into the correct rhythm. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

If you think you’re having a Heart Attack then you must phone 999 or 112 immediately and ask for the Ambulance Service. Recent statistics from the London Ambulance Service show that survival rates from heart attack and cardiac arrest improve significantly with prompt attention. So don’t delay and definitely don’t cough hard as it simply doesn’t work!


Myth 2 – This purports to have found a 5th sign of Stroke. Aside from FAST (face-arms-speech-time to call 999) the post says there is a 5th sign. Ask the patient to stick there tongue out and if the tip points to one side or the other it shows which side the stroke is occurring on!

I’m not sure where to start on this one and have to restrain myself from using decidedly unprofessional language. This is complete and utter hokum and, once again, very dangerous.

If you suspect stroke; if there is even a hint of one of the signs of stroke then immediate medical attention is required – 999 or 112 not ‘stick your tongue out’

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