Emergency Services in the UK

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Do you know the numbers to contact the Emergency Services in the UK?

Of course, and is well known, 999 is the Emergency services in the UK and when you reach the Emergency Operator you can ask for Ambulance, Coastguard, Fire or Police and it has been this way since 1937.

But did you know that there are a number of other numbers you can use?

101 – is used for non-urgent calls to the Police
112 – is also an emergency number, not just in the UK but worldwide. Do check as, for some countries, it only works from a mobile phone
119 – is the NHS Covid-19 helpline
911 – (the American one) does work in the UK but only from a mobile phone or smart device. As with 112, it is an internationally recognised emergency number but the level of coverage does vary from country to country.

Have you ever wondered what is meant when you phone says ‘emergency calls only’ and you appear to have no bars or signal?

Simply put, your phone has the potential to connect to any of the UKs mobile networks but the operators only allow your device to connect to the one you’ve signed up with. However, because coverage is not universal the operators will allow UK emergency numbers, 999, 112, 911, to connect by the best available signal which means, hopefully, there are fairly few areas where you literally have no signal at all.


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