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You never know when you may need your First Aid skills

We recently received this email from a client about an experience one of their staff members had had whilst out shopping. Out of respect for the people involved we have edited this account.

‘I was out shopping in a local supermarket when a gentleman collapsed right beside me and he banged his head very hard; I offered initial assistance as the gentleman was very delirious and not responding to questions and the shop First Aider was on scene very quickly.

Whilst I called the ambulance service, the shop First Aiders was dealing with the casualty who, by now, had stopped breathing and we turned him straight onto his back where CPR was started. I knew that there was a defibrillator very near-by and sent someone to get it whilst I continued talking to the ambulance service and updating the shop’s own First Aid team whilst other staff members were clearing the shop

The defibrillator arrived and they started cutting the gentleman’s clothes off ready to use it but the ambulance service arrived at this point and took over treatment. They continued CPR and delivered numerous shocks to the gentleman and, after some time, were able to stabilise him and rush him to hospital.

As you can understand we were all very shaken by this, but, although I didn’t actually perform CPR, the training I received on the first aid course I did last year for work was a massive help to me when faced with the emergency as I knew I could do something constructive and be of help.  I must also say how well the shop staff did as they acted quickly and without hesitation.’

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