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Epi-Pen Shortage

As you may have seen in the news there is a national shortage of Epi-pens with the result that the Epi-pen company have now advised that some batches of the pen can be used after their expiry date. This applies specifically to the 300mcg (3mg) dosage pens and not to the 150mcg (1.5mg) pens.

Epi-pen is a generic name often applied to all Adrenalin Auto-Injectors (AAI) but it is a specific brand name and the supply shortage does not apply to AAIs made by Jext & Emerade where the expiry date should be strictly observed. Both companies are reporting an increased demand which is occasioning occasional spot shortages of specific dosages of their pens

More information can be obtained by visiting the Epi-pen website or consulting your Doctor.

In all cases when someone is suffering an anaphylactic reaction and Ambulance must be called immediately

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