Are you First Aid Trained?

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The First Aid Team
by First Aid Team

It’s funny how many people aren’t… here are some of the most common reasons people
• I’m worried about the course content
• I don’t have the time
• I’m not sure it’s worth the bother
• It’s just health and safety gone mad!
• That’s what the ambulance service is for
Of course, the above is all nonsense – the course content is accessible and well
presented, the ambulance service can’t always get there in time, and a few hours is
definitely worth the bother if it saves a life!
Consider three calls we’ve had since the beginning of August, from people and companies
wanting to do a First Aid course:
• A mother whose 6-year-old son choked, and she’d didn’t know what to do as the
child was going blue in the face. Fortunately, it self-cleared.
• The business who booked a course following a major incident where a subcontractor lost a leg and very nearly died. They’d been too busy to take a day away
from work for a First Aid course.
• A firm who specialises in property renovation wanting to book a course as soon as
possible. One of their staff had been on-site quoting for a job when the homeowner,
a mother with young children, had received an electric shock and died. No-one
present knew how to do CPR.
Compare these stories with the email from a gentleman who did a course with us 4 years
ago whose elderly neighbour was banging on his door late one evening as her husband
wasn’t breathing. He rushed next door, called an ambulance and started CPR. When the
Ambulance Service arrived, they were able to restart the heart with a defibrillator and the
casualty left the scene alive. The medics who attended told our client that without his
prompt CPR it is very unlikely that the patient would have survived.
First Aid is a skill for life, and not just for the workplace. You are actually more likely to deal
with something significant in the home or at a social event.
The situations I’ve cited above are scary and, thankfully, rare – but they show that it pays
to be prepared for the worst.
Whether you learn with us, or with another reputable company, we ask that you please
take the time to get your first aid qualification. We hope you’ll never need to use it; but you
could just save a life.

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